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7 business benefits of ELDs post-December 18 deadline

Data Blocks
Data Blocks

We’ve reached the one month stretch to the FMCSA’s first ELD deadline. By now, fleet owners and drivers should already be well versed in ELDs and trained on the new technology. Some may see this month as a welcome reprieve from preparations, but now is not the time to coast.

Those that use this final month to leverage ELD data—and the insights made available on their fleet—will gain a competitive advantage in the world after December 18.

That’s because the transition to ELDs is less about regulations or avoiding violations and, instead, more about the future of modern trucking, where by fleets uncover new efficiencies from the data generated on the road.

For those who go beyond federal compliance, and take advantage of the data available through ELDs, the top 7 business benefits include:

  1. Improved productivity
  2. Less repairs and maintenance
  3. Reduced carbon footprint
  4. Decreased operational costs
  5. Visibility into driver safety
  6. Increased driver retention
  7. Enhanced customer service

To learn more, fill out the form below to download your free guide, 1 Month to Go: The Business Benefits of ELDs.

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