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Getting More Out Of Your Fleet Management Software

Data Blocks
Data Blocks

The value of GPS fleet tracking technology in areas such as real-time vehicle monitoring, fuel savings and idling reduction is widely recognized, but today many of these systems can do far more. Through new functionality and integration with other applications as well as creative use of the core software itself, fleet management sofware can now reduce paperwork and improve operations beyond basic fleet management.

Some of the hidden functionality includes:

  • Logging driver time sheets and transferring directly to payroll
  • Reporting electronically from the field
  • Optimizing and improving routes
  • Recording engine hours to improve maintenance and more accurate billing
  • Validating specific delivery times

By making it possible to aggregate these and other functions under a common interface, today's fleet tracking systems help streamline many business processes that previously had to be handled separately or could not be automated at all. The result is improved efficiency, better control, enhanced accountability, and additional time and cost savings. You can drive those benefits all the way to better profitability.

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