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Teletrac Navman

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Teletrac Navman Has a Reciprocal Authority to Operate, Allowing Any Federal Agency to Use its Telematics Solution

DIRECTOR® is the only fleet tracking technology with FedRAMP approval and reciprocal USAF Authority to Operate (ATO)


In partnership with our subsidiary, Fleet Management Solutions (FMS), our DIRECTOR® product platform has an Authority to Operate (ATO) with the US Air Force (USAF), making Teletrac Navman the only telematics company to achieve both a FedRAMP approval and a reciprocal ATO, a process that takes many companies years, which allows all federal agencies access to its technology.

Teletrac Navman FedRAMP Approval

The USAF underwent a comprehensive review of vendor offerings and found Teletrac Navman to be the only provider whose capabilities met their strict and extensive requirements. The ATO approval process included deep security testing for both software and hardware components. The time investment was significant and is expected to deliver ROI in less than two years.

The robust software feature set within DIRECTOR allows the USAF to track and greatly reduce idle time and fuel usage as well as track mileage, GPS location, engine diagnostic codes and maintenance needs across thousands of general purpose and heavy-duty vehicles worldwide. In addition, Teletrac Navman will soon be compatible with government mileage and fuel use tracking systems, with automated entry to minimize administration time and eliminate data entry errors. 

To save significant time and resources, other government agencies can leverage the existing ATO through reciprocity to comply with government mandates for telematics covering their current fleets as well as new purchases.

Launched in 2016, DIRECTOR is a location-based fleet management platform used by fleets in a variety of industries to track assets and collect valuable fleet insights for enhanced productivity and safety. The technology currently tracks more than 500,000 vehicles, owned by over 40,000 organizations across six continents.

“We are dedicated to providing fleets with the most accurate and insightful data secured by the strongest protection and controls. We are incredibly proud that our software application, infrastructure and hardware components passed the rigorous security testing to earn the ATO. We believe that other agencies can benefit from the ATO process and begin to use DIRECTOR to run their fleets more efficiently and safely around the globe." — Daren Lauda, vice president & general manager, Teletrac Navman

The USAF is willing to grant permission to any federal agency to utilize this ATO.

For sales inquiries to learn more about how your government fleet can qualify to use this reciprocal ATO, please contact Shelley Lynch-Holmes, vice president, government affairs: 714-897-0877 direct 615-579-5166 cellular, or She can connect you with the USAF regarding the ATO.