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ELD on TN360



Managing ELD compliance is simple with ELD on TN360

ELD on TN360, an intuitive system that provides the data you need to make informed hours of service decisions. Stay on top of all compliance-related issues, including Hours of Service (HOS), DOT roadside inspections, pre- and post-trip inspections and more.

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ELD Solution for Fleet Management


Everything you need to stay compliant with ELD requirements

ELD on TN360 helps businesses stay compliant with real-time alerts, simplified communication, automated workflows, detailed reporting, and more. With on-demand training and 24/7 customer support you can rest assured knowing Teletrac Navman is focused on your success.

Available Hours Dashboard

Available Hours Dashboard

ELD on TN360 is designed to give fleet and compliance managers the ability to view all available Hours of Service for any driver at a glance.

  • Rest assured knowing our ELD is fully compliant with the federal mandate.
  • View driver logs in real-time, including rest-period violations and other violations or warnings.
  • Suggest edits to logs and update duty status.
  • Avoid penalties and reduce fines at DOT and roadside inspection sites.
Drivers operating Under Exemption

Drivers Operating Under Exemption

See the status of any driver and associated vehicle operating under FMCSA HOS exemptions, including yard moves, personal conveyance and adverse driving conditions.

  • Get all the benefits of ELD including automated electronic duty status records.
  • Quickly identify which drivers are operating under an HOS exception.
  • Proactively manage HOS exemption abuse and misunderstanding
Driver HOS Forecasting

Driver HOS Forecasting

Drivers get complete visibility into how many hours they can drive and when. Real-time rest-break notifications with audible alerts help drivers know how much drive time they have left in their day.

  • Forecast when you can return to duty after a rest period, maximizing drive-time.
  • Get instant notifications of approaching rest periods or rest-period violations.
  • Plan jobs, deliveries and rest based on current and future available hours of service in advance, based on the 34-hour reset rule.

Get more out of your ELD

TN360 is so much more than ELD.

When paired with fleet tracking software, motor carriers can improve safety, efficiency and reduce costs across their fleet operation.


TN360 offers more than just ELD compliance. Our approach is to help you implement digital processes to manage compliance across you fleet, including pre-trip inspections and IFTA:

  • Inspections: With built-in pre- and post-trip inspections, drivers can confirm vehicles are safe and road ready from their mobile device. Instant uploads and alerts help you identify vehicle maintenance and safety issues quickly and keep drivers on the road longer.
  • Fuel Tax: Calculating fuel taxes has never been easier with automated recording and reporting functionality. Never pay a penny more than you have to with built-in International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) solution*. View and understand fuel spending and taxes for both the U.S. and Canada in one platform.
    *Requires Promiles Integration

Monitor driver behavior and create driver risk profiles through advanced driver analytics to improve fleet safety.  View patterns of harsh driving behaviors, including braking, acceleration and cornering. Take your solution to the next level with integrated dashboard cameras, which use artificial intelligence (AI) to provide real-time audible alerts and driver coaching. View second-by-second HD replays of incidents on and off the road and eliminate he-said, she-said insurance claims.


TN360 offers fleet managers a technology ecosystem that connects teams and provides real-time information via a suite of mobile applications. Features, such as job management, dispatch, real-time communication, document management, insights and detailed analytics can boost your fleets productivity.

  • Insights: Make important business decisions and spot irregularities in real-time with quick access to the data that matters most to your business.
  • Driver Applications: Mobile applications, such as Forms, Easy Docs, and SmartJobs are all designed to simplify a driver’s day and improve company-wide efficiency.
  • Maintenance: Keep your vehicle on the road and avoid unexpected downtime with preventative maintenance planning and defect resolution.

We have upgraded and changed the products we use several times and would not think of going to anyone else for GPS and E-logs!

- Reliable Recovery Services

I've always said we have fantastic drivers, but with the cameras I now see how truly incredible their defensive driving skills are.

- P&B Transportation, Inc

My boss and I can be in office and see who's where and whether they are getting to their destination on time. It makes my job a whole lot easier.

- Navajo DOT

Simplify compliance with an ELD solution built for drivers

Frequently asked questions

What is ELD? What does my ELD record? Is ELD Mandatory? We have the answers to your most pressing questions and more.

An electronic logging device (ELD) is an in-cab tablet or other mobile device used to track data regarding the movement and operation of a vehicle and its driver. It records driver hours (HOS) and keeps a record of duty (RODS). The United States Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration specifies that ELD use be mandatory for all vehicles covered under this legislation by Dec. 16, 2019.

ELDs capture and transmit a large volume of vehicle and driver data, including:

  • Location
  • Vehicle identification
  • Date
  • Time
  • Odometer and accumulated miles
  • Engine hours
  • Engine diagnostics
  • Driver identification
  • Driver logon/logoff
  • Hours of Service
  • Duty statuses (driving, on-duty, off-duty)
  • Personal use
  • And more

Yes, as of December 2019, most commercial vehicles are required to use electronic logging devices, including those that previously used Automatic Onboard Recording Devices (AOBRDs). To learn more about which vehicles need ELD, read our article: What vehicles must be DOT compliant?

The ELD rule:

  • Requires ELD use by commercial drivers who are required to prepare hours-of-service (HOS) records of duty status (RODS).
  • Sets ELD performance and design standards, and requires ELDs to be certified and registered with FMCSA.
  • Establishes what supporting documents drivers and carriers are required to keep.
  • Prohibits harassment of drivers based on ELD data or connected technology (such as fleet management system). The rule also provides recourse for drivers who believe they have been harassed.

A motor carrier must either explain why the time is unassigned or assign the time to the appropriate driver. The motor carrier must retain unidentified driving records for at least six months as a part of its hours-of-service (HOS) ELD records and make them available to authorized safety officials.

ELD Resources

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