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Teletrac Navman

Streamline Fleet Maintenance

See every aspect of fleet maintenance, from preventative maintenance schedules to maintenance costs and predict maintenance needs based on real-time usage.

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Digital Maintenance Solutions

Improve vehicle uptime and reduce costs with real time maintenance insight

Spot issues before they become serious problems with real-time insights into vehicle usage, engine fault codes, mileage and more. Eliminate unnecessary downtime by knowing which vehicles need maintenance and where those vehicles are located. Extend vehicle life and cut maintenance costs by staying on top of preventative maintenance, on either factory-recommended schedules or your own.

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Maintenance Manager Software

Digital Maintenance Management

Avoid breakdowns and have processes in place when they do occur

Maintenance Workflows

Maintenance Workflows

Automate your vehicle maintenance schedule with digital workflows designed to eliminate paper-based processes and streamline your maintenance operation. Eliminate time spent on data-entry and other tedious paperwork. With customizable alerts and notifications, maintenance managers can stay on top of essential maintenance activities and respond quickly to unexpected issues.

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Vehicle Inspections

Vehicle Inspections

Perform pre- and post-trip vehicle inspections on your mobile device and conduct paperless DVIRs. Preset triggers and automate reminders for inspections, recall notices and repair requests. Create a digital process that enforces your vehicle usage policy.

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Driver Behavior

Driver Behavior

Monitor driver behaviors known to reduce vehicle life cycles, including speeding, harsh braking and harsh acceleration, and reduce your total cost of ownership. Develop custom training programs based on actionable driver data and build rewards and recognition programs to help you achieve desired results and retain your best drivers.

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Track Ownership Cost

Track Ownership Cost

Use fleet data to accurately measure and understand total cost of ownership for vehicles and equipment. By considering vehicle usage patterns and monitoring maintenance issues in real-time, businesses can make more informed decisions on vehicle replacement cycles and greatly extend vehicle lifespan. Digitally track and analyze total cost of ownership by vehicle to determine which vehicles are most efficient and provide the best value to your business.

Vehicle Safety

Vehicle Safety

Leverage digital inspections to improve vehicle safety and monitor maintenance needs in real-time to keep your vehicles and your employees safe at all times. By addressing issues as soon as they appear, you can reduce safety incidents within your organization and improve compliance with workplace safety laws.

Real Results

Our clients have reported…

Green RGB Maintenance 150X150 12%

reduced maintenance cost

Green RGB Alert 150X150 20%

reduced accidents & maintenance

Green RGB Fuel 150X150 30%

reduced fuel consumption

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have questions, and we’re here to help

With more than 30 years of experience in fleet management, we can help you succeed.

Fleet management software can reduce vehicle downtime in many ways, including optimizing maintenance schedules, alerting drivers and fleet and maintenance managers of issues before they become serious, and streamlining workflows with proof of delivery and custom forms.

Poor or delayed maintenance is a leading cause of safety incidents on America’s roadways. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 45,000 accidents a year, on average, can be traced back to poor maintenance. Preventative maintenance not only ensures a safer fleet, it reduces costs in the form on unexpected downtime and larger maintenance issues that stem from neglect.

With a fleet management system, fleets can perform preventative maintenance on manufacturer-recommended schedules or on your custom timeline.

Fleet efficiency comes down to fuel use, route optimization and vehicle uptime, all of which can be monitored, recorded and reported on through fleet management software. By monitoring fuel use and other poor driving behaviors such as harsh acceleration or speeding, fleets can cut costs dramatically while improving driver training programs. Route optimization ensures vehicles are taking the most efficient route, taking traffic, weather and other factors into account. The least efficient vehicle is the one sitting in the shop waiting on unexpected repairs. Keep your vehicles moving with a fleet management system designed to limit downtime.

With a digital DVIR that’s fully compatible with any mobile device, reports can be customized to fit your organization’s needs while still maintaining full compliance with the DOT Federal Motor Carriers Safety Regulation. Add extra safety and maintenance checks to get the data your business needs or stick to the basics for quicker processing.

Fleet tracking software tracks and records a wide variety of risky driver behaviors, including speeding, harsh braking, harsh acceleration and sharp cornering. More advanced systems also provide sensor data to monitor seat belt use and employ cutting-edge AI technologies to detect and alert for tailgating, distracted driving and driver fatigue.

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(The software) allows us to keep accurate track of not only where the trucks go but how long they take to make their stops...

- Manhattan Fruit Exchange

There were companies that did not meet all of our needs. When we demoed with Teletrac we saw the features catered to the needs of our business more.

- Noble Casing

If you want to know when and where someone is, choose Teletrac Navman. We’ve been more than satisfied with its ease of use and functionality.

- Ranscapes Inc


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