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Fleet Management for Construction Bulk Materials

Reduce costs and increase production schedules

Teletrac Navman’s software solutions provide a unique offering for the construction bulk materials industry. These companies are challenged with balancing a variety of moving parts every day. With access to the right data, companies can overhaul the management process of their vehicles and assets through smarter control of cycle times, job-site utilization, and asset location. With this foundation, businesses can work to reduce their operating costs while increasing production schedules. With the right data, construction bulk materials companies can make sustainable improvements in production output in near real-time.

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Qtanium Connect consolidates asset data for construction bulk materials fleets.

Pushing asset utilization and discovering regular profit

When margins are modest and operating expenses are high, production efficiency is paramount. Coordinating batch plant, quarry loading and construction site deliveries can be challenging. Insights in real time into actual operating costs and components of haul cycles allow quarry managers to analyze operational behavior and identify areas for immediate improvement.

We provide resources to the following construction segments

Aggregate – optimize payload data, tire pressure monitoring and cycle time reporting to ensure maximum production output and reduce unnecessary costs.

Ready-Mix Concrete – effectively route your fleet assets to and from job sites to improve per-shift performance.

Paving & Asphalt – understand machine health and maximize uptime as well as equipment utilization.

A dedicated construction solution

Qtanium Connect is an asset management platform built specifically for heavy equipment and mixed fleets. The platform connects the data from multiple OEM telematics units in one portal for easy management. Drawing in data from production equipment and interfacing with your back office systems, the software reveals operating inefficiencies in unexpected areas. Qtanium Connect can also integrate with DIRECTOR, providing a single window for all fleet equipment and vehicles. The system shows real-time asset locations and statuses, with reports giving detailed analysis of asset use. Reports highlight fuel usage patterns, asset usage, job-site usage, and maintenance needs. Through Qtanium Connect, construction companies can understand the total scope of their operating costs.


The Teletrac Navman solution suite offers the following features:

Cycle Time Reporting – understand the components of your haul cycle such as load time and loaded travel, to help you understand how you can improve performance and reduce unnecessary costs.

Payload Data  gives you the ability to measure actual payload weight per haul to determine if you are maximizing production. Payload data can be analyzed by:

  • Truckload  
  • Hour
  • Actual vs. target 
  • Production trends

Fit-for-Purpose Hardware – IP67 rated, highly ruggedized hardware provides extremely reliable performance in harsh environments.

Routing and Navigation  the in-cab device provides the driver with the most efficient routing to and from jobsites, as well as notification of traffic and other potential delays along the way.

Replay-a-Day  provides the exact location and condition of your fleet assets during the day’s delivery cycle.

Performance Dashboards – create your own dashboards to provide real time performance data of your fleet which allows you to quickly identify issues and take corrective action.

Business Intelligence – allows you to analyze patterns and performance to ensure better resource planning.

Machine Health Alerts – provides you with insight to accurate hours, condition alerts and notification schedules including OEM data from telematics.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System – monitor and receive alerts relating to the ambient tire pressure and heat of your TPMS equipped assets.

Fuel Reconciliation – allows you to match fuel distribution to the asset and the report on fuel burn. This allows you to monitor and reconcile fuel delivered, tank level, usage by product and daily fuel usage.

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