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Fleet Management for Private Fleets

Create a higher fleet value with GPS private fleet management solutions

Private Fleets are the cornerstone of our transportation ecosystem. Organizations rely on their fleets to effectively transport and deliver products reliably and on time to ensure success in their primary business objectives. Private fleets come in various shapes and sizes and deliver diverse goods from grocery to fuel. Most organizations consider private fleets to be an integral part of their daily business operations. They further their competitive advantage, better manage capacity and greatly improve customer satisfaction. We know you like to control your own destiny, and we like to help. With the trends in the US market around balancing your transport operations between private fleets and for hire carriers, private fleets turn to our GPS private fleet management systems for helping optimize key needs around cost optimization, compliance management, and driving overall efficiency.

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We are proud to serve these private fleet customers.

Boost Productivity and Right-Size Operations

GPS Fleet Management Solution

We know that most organizations primarily think of Private Fleets as a cost center. We think differently. We believe that, when implemented well, private fleets drive competitive differentiation that drives bottom line growth. The first step to achieving this is focusing on productivity.

Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR fleet monitoring solutions provide an easy-to-use platform that allows you to keep your fleets efficient, from enabling the most efficient routes that reduces miles driven, keeps fuel costs low and provides valuable insight to ensure you have the right sized fleet to meet your business demands.

We ensure uptime through our maintenance modules, which remind you of your scheduled services. We also provide vehicle diagnostics that can alert you of when things are beginning to go wrong - we deliver productivity through reliability. Our business intelligence modules can synthesize data from diverse sources and use fleet utilization reports to take the guesswork out of how to best manage your fleet.

Lower Fuel Costs

Over 35% of your operating cost is fuel. When there is volatility in fuel prices, your profits fluctuate. Our focus is on reducing fuel costs through proactively monitoring different aspects of your operations. We plan routes efficiently to cut down the miles reducing fuel usage. We monitor vehicle diagnostics to know how your trucks are using fuel so that you can restructure your fleet to ensure your most efficient vehicles are doing the longest routes.

We also provide insights into driver behavior that directly affects your fuel usage. In the best of days, an hour of idling can cost you a gallon of fuel. When you multiply that across your average fleet, your costs add up quickly. Our solution allows you to track idle time and alert dispatchers on over-idling. We help you track fuel used when your power take off (PTO) is engaged.

Our advanced reporting can offer you smarter ways to control your costs. We have also integrated with fuel card partners that offer you a more effective way to monitor and spend less on fuel. It’s our collective responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint and we help make it actionable.

Comply through a Proven Partner

With the recent final rule concerning Electronic Logging Devices (ELD), December 2017 was the cutoff for proving compliance. Let us do the heavy lifting. We have been providing time carding and hours of service solutions for over 16 years and understand the ins and outs of the regulation.

We provide guidance to private fleets each step of the compliance process, including implementation, hardware installation, training and ongoing account support. With us, you can discover that ELDs create real value for fleets; drivers trained to use them properly will meet delivery expectations within strict time frames, increasing company productivity.  When paired with cutting-edge GPS fleet tracking, ELDs will drive even greater benefits. Teletrac Navman goes the extra mile with data tools for private fleets that provide advanced fleet optimization capabilities.

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