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Fleet Management Programs for the Service Industry

Fast and dependable telematics service for all

DIRECTOR provides service companies the tools they need to arrive on schedule, no matter the specialization. Dependable fleet management software helps create efficient routing, ensuring the maximum amount of jobs are completed on time everyday. Fleets can guarantee quick response to service calls with two-way messaging tools that quickly direct driver workflow. With a comprehensive telematics service provider, companies can be prepared and stay organized to meet demands while keeping costs low and exceeding customer expectations.

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GPS Fleet Management Solution

Map panes help dispatchers route drivers to customers.


DIRECTOR’s vehicle routing tools help fleets eliminate the “Where are you?” question. Dispatchers have the ability to easily send and assign routes directly to drivers through their in-cab device. Routes become turn-by-turn instructions for the drivers, eliminating outside route mileage and reducing fuel use. The benefits of DIRECTOR’s fleet management vehicle routing tool include:

  • Rerouting inefficient routes for faster service
  • Fast response times to job locations
  • Better customer service


Vehicle Usage Reporting

Fleet managers can stay on top of their fleet activity with DIRECTOR’s array of vehicle usage and management reports. From activity report by vehicle, to fuel usage and CO2 emissions reports per vehicle, companies can maintain constant oversight in every moving part of their fleet. Reports allow businesses to:

  • View travel distances, idle and PTO time, average speed and fuel used within a selected date range
  • Drill down to detailed incidents of speeding with a selected date range
  • View the amount of engine hours accumulated per vehicle at job sites


Two-Way Communication

Companies can keep an open line of communication with their workforce via two-way messaging. In-vehicle displays offer seamless connection between drivers and dispatch, serving as a helpful tool to send key customer information or updated routes to drivers, in addition to allowing drivers to send updates to the office. DIRECTOR’s two-way messaging tool allows businesses to stay connected to their workforce when it matters most.

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