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Teletrac Navman

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Fleet Manager Software & Solutions


Fleet Manager Software

Make better decisions and get the most out of your fleet

We make fleet management simple with dedicated tools to visualize your fleet’s performance using real-time alerts, customizable dashboards, and detailed reports.

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Tools Designed for Fleet Managers

Never lose sight of your vehicles, equipment, or mobile assets.

Drone View

Vehicle Tracking

Improve fleet visibility with a Drone View enabled GPS vehicle tracking system. Fleet managers can work more effectively by optimizing route planning, improving customer interactions, and enhancing service from a single platform. Our Fleet manager software also ensures drivers are behaving safely, vehicles are operating at top performance, and your fleet is compliant with regulatory guidelines.

Teletrac Navman fleet monitoring solutions provide an easy-to-use fleet management software that allows you to keep your fleets efficient by reducing miles driven, keeping fuel costs low and providing valuable insight to ensure you have the right sized fleet to meet your business demands.

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*Drone View availability is dependent on telematics device

Trailer Tracking

Trailer Tracking

You need to be able to protect your trailers and containers — whether they’re connected to a vehicle or not. With trailer tracking capability, our fleet manager software lets you know when your containers and trailers move, how they are used, and effectively maximize utilization. Geofencing and real-time monitoring help ensure both in-use and stationary trailers are exactly where they are supposed to be.

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Driver Communication

Satellite Tracking

Your operations may take vehicles to remote or inaccessible locations that require strong signals and additional data security. When tackling fleet management in complex situations, live satellite tracking and communication ensures you never lose contact with your team, assets, or data. Satellite-based analytics equip fleet managers with secure, real-time updates from anywhere in the world.

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Fleet Performance

Fleet Performance Reporting

Fleet performance data should be easy to understand and actionable for your business. Real-time alerts on driver behavior, geofence activity, and compliance violations ensure you can respond quickly to the needs of your fleet. Our performance reporting tools offer robust data visualization and the ability to build custom reports to measure and improve your fleet management goals.

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Fleet Maintenance

Fleet Maintenance

Fleet downtime means lost productivity and profits. Avoid last-minute surprises and unexpected downtime with the powerful fleet maintenance tools that allow you to run engine diagnostic reports remotely, schedule preventative maintenance, and connect with drivers through electronic driver vehicle inspection reports.

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Smart Dashcams

Smart Dashcams

Eliminate guessing games and see only the footage that matters to your business with our 360-degree HD smart dashcam equipped with an artificial intelligence processor. Reward positive driving events in real time with audible and actionable alerts. View traffic events, such as:

  • Speeding
  • Distracted and drowsy driving
  • Stop-sign and red-light violations
  • Tailgating

Rest assured knowing your fleet is protected from fraudulent insurance claims with a smart dashcam that offers at-fault detection and alerts. 

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Real Results

User of our fleet manager software see

Green RGB Maintenance 150X150 12%

reduced maintenance

Green RGB Fuel 150X150 30%

reduced fuel consumption

Green RGB Alert 150X150 20%

reduced accidents & violations

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have questions, and we’re here to help

With more than 30 years of experience in fleet management software, we can help you succeed.

By measuring the performance indicators that insurance companies use to calculate premiums, you can identify challenges and make improvements that lead to reduced overall premiums.

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To effectively measure fuel consumption, choose a standard measurement (distance per gallon), considering usage both by-vehicle and by-driver. Pull reports at regular intervals, such as weekly or monthly, and compare to previous intervals.

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Driver training is crucial to developing a consistent culture of road safety. The three steps to creating a successful driver training program are: (1) ensuring that training is both relevant and focused, (2) providing ongoing measurement of driver behavior for safety, (3) and sustaining a program with continual provision of feedback and driver incentives.

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(The software) allows us to keep accurate track of not only where the trucks go but how long they take to make their stops...

- Manhattan Fruit Exchange

There were companies that did not meet all of our needs. When we demoed with Teletrac we saw the features catered to the needs of our business more.

- Noble Casing

If you want to know when and where someone is, choose Teletrac Navman. We’ve been more than satisfied with its ease of use and functionality.

- Ranscapes Inc


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