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Teletrac Navman

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Fleet Management for the Oil, Mining and Gas Industries

Helping you manage your assets across jobsites to achieve excellence across your operation.

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Trusted Solutions for Oil, Mining & Gas

Optimize oil, mining and gas operations with improved asset utilization and fleet management

Connect your entire business from extraction to distribution with solutions for both equipment and fleet management in one unified platform designed specifically for your industry. Understand every aspect of your business with advanced visibility into fleet activity and mobile asset utilization at the jobsite and on the road. Communicate with crews and drivers and get real-time updates on asset and vehicle utilization, performance and health from anywhere on the planet.

Asset and Fleet Management for Oil, Mining and Gas

Benefits for Mining, Oil & Gas

Everything you need to keep your business operating smoothly

Drone View

Real Time Visibility

See fleet activity in real time and ensure that your mobile resources are safe and working effectively to achieve your daily goals. With Drone View location monitoring, geofence activity measurement and smart dash cams you can have the ultimate fleet visibility tool set.

  • Real time fleet visibility with Drone View location monitoring
  • Monitor activity in set geographic locations with geofences
  • Smart dashcams provide the ultimate solution for fleet visibility

*Drone View availability is dependent on telematics device 

Measure Asset Utilization

Measure Asset Utilization

Keep extraction schedules on time with real-time asset utilization data and eliminate unnecessary rental costs from equipment hoarding. With real time GPS location tracking  you can ensure that all of your valuable assets are where they need to be.

With access to customizable geofence alerts and exception reporting, you can also protect your assets from potential theft and unauthorized use.  

Get valuable insight, that will keep your worksites operating at full capacity.

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Proof of Delivery

Ensure Safe Delivery

Manage an efficient delivery and distribution channel and maintain compliance with full visibility into vehicles and drivers, including location data, chain of custody records and proof of delivery. Ensure sensitive cargo, such as hazmat, is transported safely and in compliance with the law. Perform real-time vehicle inspections and maintain driver logs with our robust ELD solution for over-the-road vehicles.

Empower your business with the data you need to make smart decisions and ensure you always have the insights needed to protect your valuable cargo.

Maintenance Fuel 570X543

Improve Preventative Maintenance

Digitize your maintenance program and create effective preventative maintenance plans based on manufacturer schedules and real time inspection reports. Save your company thousands of dollars a year with actionable maintenance data, including customizable preventative maintenance updates and alerts. Keep your assets working and vehicles running at full capacity.

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Better Fuel Management

Better Fuel Management

The right telematics solution configured specifically for your business can produce an ROI almost instantly by reducing fuel cost. With real-time visibility into asset and vehicle activity you can eliminate unauthorized use and inefficient driver and operator behavior including engine idling, speeding and poor maintenance. With insights designed to support training programs you can arm your business with the information to manage fuel use more effectively.

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Smart Dashcams

Video Telematics

Reduce risk and create a more rewarding workplace with a flexible video telematics solution that is fully integrated into our fleet management platform, TN360. Easily access the data you need to improve safety, streamline coaching and protect drivers.

  • Video AI monitors driving behavior including speeding, distracted driving and tailgating
  • Real-time feedback, scorecards and coaching apps create a culture of safety
  • Instant access to video to protect drivers against false claims

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Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have questions, and we’re here to help

Teletrac Navman offers a full suite of customizable reporting and analytics tools, including more than 100 pre-built reports and our Build-Your-Own-Report (BYOR) tool. Popular reports include vehicle utilization, fuel usage, driver behavior and maintenance. Utilization reports can highlight vehicle usage and point to potential asset hoarding.

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With customizable workflows, in-cab communication and accurate location data, you can provide customers with real-time updates and easily manage delivery times. Route optimization and weather telematics also help to keep your fleets and the goods it transports on time. Keep drivers accountable and reduce missed deadlines with our full suite of reporting tools complete with both in-cab and home office notifications and alerts.

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The use of sensors alongside geographical data enables you to report when fuel pumps, values or hydraulic lifting equipment is activated off defined customer sites. This is also a helpful tool to confirm delivery of a product and helps to resolve customer invoicing queries.

The first step to measuring fuel use is to implement a consistent measuring standard across your entire fleet (the most common being MPG). By monitoring fuel-card purchases and odometer or engine-hour readings in tandem, fleet and heavy equipment operators can spot inconsistencies quickly, see which vehicles or assets are the least efficient, and if measure driver behaviors that increase fuel consumption.

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The most effective way to get drivers to accept electronic logging devices (ELDs) is to include drivers in the buying process and providing adequate time for training. Other ways that businesses can get drivers to adopt to new ELD technology is to show how technology will make their job easier and more enjoyable.

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Construction Transport FAQ 570X440

Case Study

Sherwood Construction

Every construction company worries about equipment theft. When it happened to Sherwood Construction, thankfully the GPS tracking provided by Teletrac Navman led them and the police to the exact barn their stolen loader backhoe was in as well as the location of another stolen skid steer. These would have cost over $160,000 to replace and, according to Doug King, Equipment Manager at Sherwood Construction, recovering either by itself would have paid for the entire technology system, not to mention the operational and efficiency gains it provided.

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Sherwood Construction Customer Case Study Hero


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