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Safety and Driver Behavior

Comply with legal safety responsibilities and develop drivers to build a safer fleet

Safer equipment and drivers for better business

Monitor safety compliance and driving activity, identify and reward your best drivers and manage those that need more training.

Driver and equipment safety is a critical concern for many organizations. Whether your activities are related to on-road transport and compliance, off-road activity such as construction, mining or lone workers in remote locations – Teletrac Navman provides a range of safety monitoring, feedback and alerting solutions. Our solutions enable you to reduce your people’s risk on the road or on site, provide feedback and score cards, capture detail about incidents and demonstrate your organization’s commitment to employee and public safety.

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Provide drivers with feedback and scorecards on their driving performance. Warn drivers of unsafe behavior such as harsh braking, rapid acceleration or sharp cornering. Reward drivers who achieve the best scores for safe driving behavior and protecting valuable equipment. Identify drivers that could benefit from safety training. Improve driver retention.


Accurately track and report over-speed incidents. Know when, where and for how long drivers have exceeded speed limits or safe operating speeds for heavy equipment.


Using accelerometers and sophisticated physics modelling, automatically capture high resolution telematics data for safety incidents. Impact detection for serious incidents can trigger automated download of incident data including second-by-second speed, throttle position, RPM, brake application and more.       


Monitor and track your driver’s working and rest hours. Comply with ELD requirements and manage driver fatigue. Assign long-haul trips to drivers with adequate hours to complete the trip. 


Track vehicle maintenance requirements and ensure that vehicles are safe and in compliance with local regulatory requirements. Easily identify vehicles that have been driven aggressively and may have excessive tire or brake wear for early preventative maintenance.


Capture pre-trip inspection data in real-time. Incorporate photos of broken equipment or areas of concern such as tread wear. Automatically feed this data to your maintenance crews for early scheduling or maintenance planning such as ordering new parts or identifying the best opportunity to service key equipment. Gain efficiency and speed of service while maintaining higher safety standards.


Using declared weight or even integrated industrial scales, monitor the load of your vehicles and ensure that your vehicles are rated for specific weights. Ensure that routes used have adequate infrastructure to handle heavy vehicles or hazardous goods.


For sites such as quarries, construction or oil and gas operations, users can set site speed limits, no-go areas or stop and start times. Users can also receive real-time alerts for driver safety breaches or produce reports for safety related incidents.

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