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Fleet Safety Software

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"Safety is a large part of our daily tasks being an electric, water and sewer utility. The tracking allows us to monitor people being at their assigned locations and they maintain safe speeds including emergency response."

- Dwight Prisock, Utility Superintendent





Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR offers a wide range fleet safety solutions that provide real-time insights into driver behavior and performance, which enable you to measure safety incidents, train your drivers and develop solutions that will eliminate poor or risky driving conduct. With access to critical incident alerts, cloud-based HD video and speed monitoring, DIRECTOR brings together a wide range of safety tools that will help you create a culture of safety across your business.

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Fleet Safety Software



26% of businesses saw fewer accidents as a result of fleet safety system53% saw fewer safety violations as a result of fleet safety system57% businesses that implemented a fleet safety software currently benchmark and reward driver behavior28% businesses that implemented a fleet safety solution improved driver behavior as a top benefit


Driver Behavior Management


Organizations offering rewards to drivers for better performance are more likely to experience fewer safety violations, fewer accidents and improved driver retention, according to the 2018 Teletrac Navman Telematics Benchmark Report. Teletrac Navman makes managing driver behavior easier with real-time safety analytics, custom reports and in-cab alerts.

  • Help educate drivers with in-cab and back-office alerts whenever a safety incident is recorded
  • Create reports and custom driver scorecards for improved benchmarking and coaching
  • Use real data to incentivize safe driving practices and reduce insurance premiums

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Driver Training Software


Develop high-impact training programs and more effective one-on-one coaching with hard-hitting, empirical data backed up with second-by-second incident replays. Automatically create driver league tables and develop incentive programs designed to encourage safe driving across your business.

  • Hold high-impact debriefs with effective and immediate driver behavior reports
  • Bring impersonal training to life with real-world examples aided by HD video footage from dashboard cameras
  • Provide real-time in-cab alerts and other driver training aids as incidents occur

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Fleet Maintenance Software


Keep your fleet moving safely and reduce unexpected breakdowns or equipment failure with accurate fleet maintenance records and reports. Monitor mileage and engine hours in real-time without human input and automatically create maintenance schedules that maximize vehicle up time. A well-maintained fleet is a safer fleet.

  • Build custom reports or time-or-mileage-based alerts for upcoming or overdue maintenance requirements
  • Log daily inspection reports to quickly act on unexpected maintenance issues or faults
  • Audit completed maintenance or inspections to ensure proper fleet maintenance

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Improving fleet safety goes beyond keeping your drivers safe on the road, it also brings financial benefits through reduced costs and better reputation management. Lower your fuel costs, maintenance bills and insurance premiums with your fleet safety program.

  • Reduce fuel costs by reducing excessive acceleration or idling while improving driver performance
  • Control maintenance costs by ensuring vehicles and equipment are maintained on auditable and customizable schedules
  • Lower costs with reduced insurance premiums due to safer driving practices and training

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Improve fleet visibility and driver performance with fleet safety software solutions from Teletrac Navman. Our customizable suite of fleet safety tools can help businesses improve driver behavior, increase employee retention and lower costs. Use on-demand, cloud-based HD dashboard camera video to help determine at-faults and improve driver training and driver safety. .


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