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Vehicle Tracking Systems

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Vehicle Tracking Software

Build a vehicle tracking system that meets your needs

Today's vehicle tracking systems are much more than an eye in sky, and software, such as TN360, have been designed to provide insight into fleet activity and the impact that it has on operational performance.

Build Your Solution
Vehicle Tracking Systems

How it Works

Connecting you to your teams, assets and data

Our GPS vehicle tracking solutions capture data from telematics devices, sensors, cameras and mobile apps and turn this into business insights that are accessible in real-time on customizable dashboards, alerts and reports. There are many benefits to using vehicle tracking software including improving driver safety, simplifying compliance (ELD, DVIR, IFTA) and improving operational efficiency through digital transformation

Connecting Data


Turning Data into Decisions

Turn the data your vehicle tracking system produces into business intelligence via a powerful insights engine. 


Customizable solutions for ever changing environments

Our vehicle tracking solutions are designed to bring teams together with connected apps that simplify processes and enable instant data transfer. Our range of mobile applications are customizable so you can configure them to meet your business needs and are really easy to use so your drivers will need minimal training.  Our wide range of mobile apps offer an easy way for you to introduce digital processes for job dispatch and management, vehicle inspections, document management and more. 


Key Features

Optimize your fleet operation with a vehicle tracking system


Real-time Tracking

Real-time Location

Access to a drone view of your entire fleet - right down to the geographic locations of individual vehicles. You can proactively monitor locations and measure vehicle activity both in the office and on-the-go.

  • View real-time location information from virtually anywhere.
  • Receive notifications when vehicles veer off course
  • Prevent unauthorized use with real-time out of hours movement alerts
Vehicle Activity Log

Vehicle Activity Log

View a complete historical record of not only your vehicles’ activities but also specific driver behaviors in just a few quick mouse clicks.

  • View second-by-second instant replays with HD video of incidents
  • Understand fuel usage, including excessive idle times
  • Provide real-time coaching for poor driver behaviors, such as speeding, tailgating and harsh braking.
Vehicle Dispatch and Routing

Vehicle Dispatch and Routing

Make smarter, data-driven choices regarding which drivers you're dispatching to specific jobs, all while using the most optimized and cost-effective routes possible with SmartJobs from TN360.

  • Create and dispatch daily job sheets and one-off jobs from your application and track job progress
  • Provide turn-by-turn routing and help drivers get to where they need to be as efficiently as possible
  • Automate customer communication with real-time text and email updates and capture proof of delivery via signature and photo.

Maintenance Planning

Maintenance Planning

Get vehicle and fleet maintenance alerts to take full advantage of preventative maintenance, addressing small issues today before they become much bigger and more expensive ones down the road.

  • Schedule routine maintenance at times and intervals that work for you and limit vehicle downtime.
  • Perform pre- and post-trip vehicle inspections via a mobile device and instantly identify maintenance needs
  • Understand total cost of ownership by accurately measuring vehicle maintenance costs.
Integrated Cameras

Integrated Cameras

Fully integrated dashboard cameras provide unprecedented safety with proactive programs to coach and reward drivers.

  • In-cab warnings provide drivers with real-time coaching, including seat-belt notifications, speeding and tailgating alerts.
  • An AI-powered processor turns video footage into powerful business insights, eliminating he-said-she-said insurance claims and powering driver rewards programs.
  • Analyze second-by-second HD video footage from up to four different cameras to help provide more information around driving behavior and incidents
Business Insights

Business Insights

Turn data into decisions via natural language search, customizable dashboards, and a wide-range of pre-built and customizable reports.

  • Simply ask for the information you need via a Google-like search function that can predict and anticipate queries.
  • Get instant access to the information you need to make important decisions about your business and your employees
  • View the information you want, when you want it, and empower your organization to make critical business decisions in real-time.

Unbeatable Hardware

Connecting your vehicles to your vehicle tracking system

Powering your vehicle tracking systems with a wide range of hardware that meets your business needs.


Hardwired device

Capture critical information like vehicle location, trip miles, engine data.


Self-install device 

Monitor vehicle activity, manage workflow, get exception alerts and more.

Ats1 Copy


Perfect for tracking non-powered assets like trailers, containers and generators.

Vehicle Tracking System Si201


Easily installed on non-powered assets that you need to track and manage.

The Benefits

Some of the many ways that your business can benefit from a vehicle tracking system

Fleet Productivity

Get immediate insight into each vehicle's status, it's overall performance and more so that you can make better and more informed decisions regarding resource allocation.

Driver Behavior & Safety

Learn more than ever about how vehicles are being driven. Take action to reduce speeding, harsh braking and other potentially unsafe activities to reduce both fuel costs and risk from accidents.

Customer Service

If you know exactly where your vehicles are at all times, you can provide better customer service, including text and email status updates. Clear communication goes a long way in maintaining business relationships.


vehicle tracking system will give you easy, accurate and automated information to help you adhere with all laws and regulations relating to compliance including IFTA, ELD and DVIR, among others.

Reducing Administrative Burdens

Everything from driver scorecards to document management is handled automatically, dramatically reducing the administrative burden on your office staff so that they can focus on those matters that truly need their attention.

What makes us different?

A focus on bringing you insight into what matters most

At Teletrac Navman, we pride ourselves on our ability to approach things differently. Where most companies are focused on bringing you more data, we want to bring you the right data. We want to make it easier than ever to turn data into insight and insight into decisions.

We also design our technology to be future proof and provide a wide range of customizable mobile apps, the capability to tracking non-powered assets and software integrations.

What makes Teletrac Navman Different

We track our loads quite a bit. We even have several customers that require us to track our vehicles every two hours and provide them with updates. Teletrac makes sure that these ‘hot and sensitive’ deliveries are on route and on time.

- A.N. Webber

NDOT has recovered three stolen vehicles, worth $45,000 each, using GPS data and automated text message alerts from Teletrac Navman. In all instances, their fleet coordinator received text notifications of vehicle ignition after midnight.

- Navajo Division of Transportation

We have upgraded and changed the products we use several times and would not think of going to anyone else for GPS and E-logs!

- Reliable Recovery Services

Vehicle Tracking Systems

Frequently asked questions

What are vehicle tracking solutions? How does it all work? What does a system look like? Why is tracking important? Get the answers to the most asked questions about vehicle tracking systems.

Vehicle tracking software should pay for itself quickly by providing insight into vehicle and fleet performance. ROI can be found in a number of areas, including fleet productivity, driver behavior and safety, customer service, compliance and reducing administrative burdens. 

This will depend largely on which type of GPS tracking devices you choose to use. Some are designed for self installation into a vehicles OBDII port and are also easy to move from one vehicle to another as needed. Others are hardwired into the electrical system on your vehicles, typically requiring professional installation.

This, too, will vary depending on a number of factors - including the size of your fleet and what your long-term goals for GPS vehicle tracking solutions happen to be. This is why, at Teletrac Navman, we prefer to first learn as much about your business as possible so that we can come up with the custom vehicle tracking system -  to meet your needs. You can use our online product builder to learn about how our solution can be tailored to your business need.

Vehicle tracking software is an essential tool for today’s fleet managers, dispatchers, and business owners, allowing them to accurately track and manage the movements and details of an entire fleet in real-time. Business who implement the technology see improved driver safety, increases in business productivity and reductions in fuel spend. 

A vehicle tracking system uses both a hardware component and a software platform to monitor a wide range of information relating to an individual vehicle or asset within a fleet. The GPS tracking hardware collects the GPS coordinates of a vehicle alongside vehicle activity and the date and time, the activity took place. The telematics software gathers the data including vehicle location, driver behavior, engine diagnostics and vehicle activity, and visualizes this information on the fleet management software.

Yes. Advanced vehicle tracking solutions enable powered assets (such as construction equipment) and none powered assets (such as trailers) to be tracked and managed through the same platform.

Modern fleet management software incorporates artificial intelligence and machine learning to rapidly assist businesses spot and solve anomalies. Fleet management software can reduce manager workload, reduce company costs, imrprove vehicle and equipment efficiency, and improve customer relationships.