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Vehicle Tracking Systems

Maximize impact with a vehicle tracking solution that meets your needs.

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Fleet management is more effective and powerful when combined with a vehicle tracking solution. By providing businesses with insight into vehicle location, reporting on activity and details into driver conduct, vehicle tracking software could be the technology to take your fleet operations to the next level.

Vehicle Tracking Software

Vehicle Tracking by Teletrac Navman
Vehicle Tracking by Teletrac Navman

Increase Productivity

Do More With GPS Vehicle Tracking Software 

Regardless of the industry, a vehicle tracking solution provides fleet managers with an overview on the location and performance of vehicles and helps them optimize planning and improve customer service. Over the past decade, an increasing number of fleets have been using GPS vehicle tracking software to improve fleet productivity and, to put it simply, do more in less time.

Improve Safety

Fully Integrated Fleet Safety Solution

A vehicle tracking system gives fleet management the power to identify poor driving to improve driver behavior and safety and make informed decisions. With reports that display information on speeding, harsh braking, acceleration and cornering, a business is able understand the way fleet vehicles are being driven. By using insight to improve activities on the road, businesses frequently experience a reduction of fuel costs and accidents.

Driver behavior by Teletrac Navman
Compliance by Teletrac Navman

Simplify Compliance

The Right Vehicle Tracking Software Streamlines Compliance

Fleet compliance can be complex. The amount of regulation and legislations a company has to adhere to varies from one industry to the next, but for fleet managers, complying with the law is paramount. Vehicle tracking software can help. It can make compliance easy, accurate and automated by bringing all compliance management into a single application.

Built For You Business

Flexible Vehicle Tracking Solutions

The needs of your business are constantly changing and finding a vehicle tracking provider that can meet your requirements now, and also has the scalability to evolve with your business is key to future proof your investment. Teletrac Navman offers great flexibility through its product enhancements and integrations with leading industry applications.

Vehicle Tracking by Teletrac Navman

Key Vehicle Tracking Features

See how businesses like yours are using our vehicle tracking solutions.

Vehicle Loaction

Get real-time visibility into the location of the vehicles across your fleet, helping you to answer customer questions quickly, dispatch jobs effectively and provide your team with the insight to work at their full potential.

Sites & Geofences

Set geographical boundaries and monitor when vehicles enter or exit a location and when vehicle activities take place inside or outside a location. A great tool for sending alerts to customers or to your on-site teams notifying them that a particular vehicle is due to arrive.

Dashboard Camera

Smart dashboard camera technology identifies when an on-road incident has occurred and stores video footage in the cloud. This can be instantly viewed through the vehicle tracking platform for preventative training or to protect your business against false claims. 

Fleet Intelegence

Take the complexity out of reporting with easy to use reporting and business intelligence modules. Our vehicle tracking software gives you the tools to see the data you want in the way you want to see it with a build your own reports platform and dashboard functions.