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TN360 Mobile Apps


A Sweet Suite of Apps

Digitize processes and simplify day to day operations

Build your digital future with TN360 mobile apps that connect your team and empower users, in the office and in the field, to make decisions with confidence. The fully customizable apps seamlessly integrate with TN360 giving everyone instant access to critical workflow information.

Mobile Applications

Explore our Suite of Mobile Apps

Build digital workflows with our flexible apps that help you and your team get the job done, hassle free.  

SmartJobs & Task Manager

SmartJobs & Task Manager

Bring job management into a single digital platform and create one-off jobs or daily work schedules, dispatch them to your team, and monitor schedule progress. The task manager application also automates customer communication keeping them informed on estimated times of arrival.

  • Create and assign multistep work schedules
  • Get GPS routing between job locations
  • Track schedule progress and capture proof of delivery (signature and photo)
  • Automatically notify customers via SMS or email

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Digital Checklist

Digital Checklist

Customizable digital checklists for pre-trip inspections and beyond. This flexible app enables you to build out checklists that replace paper-based processes and record the results instantly in the TN360 application. Checklist fails can be configured to send SMS, email, and in-platform notifications so any issues can be quickly resolved.

  • Replace paper-based checklists and processes
  • Instantly capture results in TN360
  • Trigger alerts for checklist fails including description and photo
  • Include driver declaration and signatures for critical processes
Easy Docs

Easy Docs

Take paper out of the cab with this digital document management application. Store all of your driver documents in the cloud, manage them from a central location and instantly share them with select vehicles or your entire fleet. Ensure that your drivers always have access to the required documents on their mobile devices.

  • Centrally manage business documents in the cloud
  • Send documents to the entire fleet or specific vehicles
  • Set driver acknowledgments and report on open rates
  • Trigger documents to be sent on geofence entry or exit

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Digitize any form that you have in your business and capture the data instantly in the TN360 platform. The wide range of field options, including photo and signature capture, enables you to build out almost any form ranging from accident reports to load collection forms. All submitted forms are stored in the app's history and TN360 for instant visibility.

  • Fully customizable forms
  • Wide range of fields available including photo and signature capture
  • Forms instantly saved in TN360
  • Configure SMS, email and in platform notifications


Streamline driver communication through a dedicated messaging application that removes the noise of other communication platforms. Send 1:1 or fleet-wide messages, record responses, and keep an audit trail of business communications.

  • Dedicated messaging platform
  • Send messages to select vehicles or your entire fleet
  • Automate messaging based on geofence entry
  • Audit trail of communication

Your Success 

Intelligent support every step of the way

From solution design to implementation our objective is to help you create successful digital processes. It is the mission of our customer success and professional services teams to help you successfully deploy solutions that will generate a positive ROI in your business.

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