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Uncovering the Hidden Clues of Poor Driving Behaviors
With the everchanging landscape of operating the day-to-day fleet business operations, we need to see the patterns and signs of unsafe driving behavio...
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How to Prepare and Organize a Fleet During a Global Crisis
Learn how to prepare your fleet and stay organized during a global crisis to keep your business and the country moving.
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Feel Good Stories from Transportation This Week
As another week goes by during the current global pandemic, efforts around supporting our hardworking truck drivers have ramped up.
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Top 10 stats on construction workers
America is failing in a vital category: the condition and performance of American infrastructure.The most recent American Infrastructure Report Card from the American Society of Civil Engineers currently gives the US a D+ in areas like public safety,...
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3 ways overloading kills profit
As a fleet manager, you’re well aware of the dangers of overloading trucks.When a truck is overloaded, its weight imbalance makes it harder to handle, which can cause drivers to misjudge braking distance or even jackknife.
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5 things to know ahead of CVSA's 2019 Operation Safe Driver Week
According to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), speeding was a contributing factor in 26 percent of traffic fatalities, or 9,717 lives lost, in 2017.As a result, CVSA’s annual Operation Safe Driver Week, taking plac...
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National Theft Prevention Month: Four ways GPS fleet tracking can protect assets
According to the U.S.Department of Transportation, there were an estimated 773,139 motor vehicle thefts across the U.S.
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Should you buy, rent or lease construction equipment?
Demand in the construction industry continues to surge, with projections showing a 4.5 percent increase over the next several years.Organizations are taking steps to ensure they have the resources to meet that demand, hiring more workers and getting ...
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Top stats on migrating from AOBRD to ELD
While most fleets made the switch to ELDs by the time the April 2018 grace period expired, there are still some fleets using AOBRD devices, relying on the grandfather clause which permits AOBRD usage through December 16, 2019.With this deadline a...
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