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Uncovering the Hidden Clues of Poor Driving Behaviors
With the everchanging landscape of operating the day-to-day fleet business operations, we need to see the patterns and signs of unsafe driving behavio...
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How to Prepare and Organize a Fleet During a Global Crisis
Learn how to prepare your fleet and stay organized during a global crisis to keep your business and the country moving.
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Feel Good Stories from Transportation This Week
As another week goes by during the current global pandemic, efforts around supporting our hardworking truck drivers have ramped up.
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4 reasons to reduce idling
The worst mileage a vehicle can get with the engine running is 0 mpg, and that's what happens when a truck idles.Idling has long been a problem for fleets and fleet managers, and it has no benefits.
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Chart of the Month: Trucking Operational Costs Continue to Climb
The American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) published their 2018 Analysis of the Operational Costs of Trucking report analyzing trucking costs from 2008-2017.The report found that increased trucking activity in 2017 pushed operating costs p...
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How our customers maximize fleet efficiency to increase business ROI
Teletrac Navman has been providing GPS fleet management software to fleet businesses for more than thirty years.Over that timeframe, we have seen a number of customers use our software beyond tracking vehicle location to optimize varying areas of the...
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Chart of the Month: The 10 Worst Cities for Trucking Detention Time
Trucking detention time has always plagued the industry, but the ELD mandate has brought greater awareness of the issue since it’s made it easier for carriers to visualize just how much time is wasted.In 2018, truckers waited at shipping docks an ave...
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Top construction pain points - and what they have in common
Over the past several months, we held over 100 conversations with construction pros on their day-to-day challenges, frustrations and desires on the job site, from difficulties in equipment tracking to inaccuracies stemming from paper-based processes....
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Three takeaways from World of Concrete 2019
For three days in January, thousands of people across the globe descended on Las Vegas for the annual World of Concrete 2019 (WOC) event, representing the construction, concrete and masonry industries.I had the chance to represent Teletrac Navman and...
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