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Uncovering the Hidden Clues of Poor Driving Behaviors
With the everchanging landscape of operating the day-to-day fleet business operations, we need to see the patterns and signs of unsafe driving behavio...
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How to Prepare and Organize a Fleet During a Global Crisis
Learn how to prepare your fleet and stay organized during a global crisis to keep your business and the country moving.
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Feel Good Stories from Transportation This Week
As another week goes by during the current global pandemic, efforts around supporting our hardworking truck drivers have ramped up.
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How to minimize construction equipment hoarding on job sites
As all construction managers know, equipment hoarding – intentional or not – is a common pain point on projects.It can happen when superintendents intentionally hang onto a piece of equipment and don’t alert other teams that it’s available - even if ...
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CES 2019: How could your life change on the road ahead?
This year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) took place in Las Vegas on the 7-10th of January, showcasing a spectacular range of technologies set to have an impact on our lives, and the transport industry in the years to come.Chief among them were the...
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How the ELD shakeout should prompt you to carefully vet your ELD provider
The ELD market is kicking off the New Year in a not so positive way: another provider going out of business. ZED ELD, backed by Fortune 500 engine manufacturer Cummins and launched just in 2017, posted a notice to its website about shuttering ...
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Attracting the next generation of concrete contractors
The construction labor shortage is an ongoing challenge for the entire construction industry, but especially the concrete sector, as the average age of employed workers increases and companies risk losing an entire generation worth of knowledge and u...
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The fleet owner's guide to building a digital presence
Let’s face it: when it comes to using digital tools like websites and social media, transportation companies have typically been behind the curve.For a long time, it simply wasn’t necessary.
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5 Ways Vehicle Tracking can Improve Safety - Copy (2)
With vehicle tracking, you get insight into events that phone calls and texts can’t deliver, such as real-time vehicle locations and routing, insight into driving behavior and compliance, and more.Here are five ways vehicle tracking can improve safet...
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