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ATRI study shows long detention times on the rise
An ATRI study first conducted in 2014 was repeated in 2018. How much of an increase has there been over 4 years?
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7 Stats on How Detention Times Impact Drivers
An ATRI study shows detention time frequency and duration is up, hurting fleet efficiency.
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Maximize winter fleet performance with GPS Tracking Software
Fleet management tips to keep your fleet ship-shape for the season
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5 Ways Vehicle Tracking can Improve Safety - Copy (2)
With vehicle tracking, you get insight into events that phone calls and texts can’t deliver, such as real-time vehicle locations and routing, insight into driving behavior and compliance, and more.Here are five ways vehicle tracking can improve safet...
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The Great Climate Change Debate: Addressing the Carbon Footprint of Transportation
One common villain in the carbon emissions debate is transportation.There’s no doubt transportation is important to our society.
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Navigating rising construction costs with technology
Construction material costs have increased 7.4 percent over the last year according to the Associated General Contractors of America.From the labor shortage to the tariffs on steel and aluminum, the construction industry has spent much of 2018 strugg...
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1 Year Post-ELD Mandate: Lessons to apply to the December 2019 deadline
This December marked the one-year anniversary of the ELD Mandate going into effect, meaning carriers having to use compliant ELD devices or AOBRDS.Although the ELD Final Rule was published in 2015, the phased in compliance still caught the indust...
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Chart of the Month: A holiday from vehicle theft? Not likely.
Unfortunately, vehicle theft never takes a holiday.According to the National Crime Information Center, an average of 2,228 vehicles were stolen per day in 2017.
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What to look for in a shipper and how to win their business
Between the driver shortage and ELD Mandate, carrier capacity has shrunk over the years.Many say it’s resulted in a “carriers market,” where shippers must vie for trucking companies to take on their business.
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